Attention 2022 Guangzhou International Beauty Expo postponed

September 3, 2022
Latest company news about Attention 2022 Guangzhou International Beauty Expo postponed

                                                    2022 Guangzhou International Beauty Expo postponed 


In view of the current epidemic situation, we have fully listened to the opinions of all parties, and prudently decided to postpone the 60th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo originally planned to be held from September 4th to 7th, 2022

A good exhibition, especially a professional exhibition, is actually a microcosm of an industry, often directly related to the entire industry chain of an industry. The marketing plans of many beauty companies use the exhibition as an important fulcrum to promote. Therefore, once the exhibition changes, it will break the overall plan for enterprises, especially for enterprises that rely on offline exhibitions to attract investment, it will be even worse.


China (Guangzhou) Beauty Expo is currently the world's largest professional beauty exhibition, with both academic and commercial exciting events and high-end forums, covering micro-business, retail, facial masks, medical beauty, tattooing, hair care, nail art, Beauty equipment, medical plastic surgery and other topics, specially invited experts, scholars, industry elites, and industry insiders to share the latest technology, market, and trend information to help the industry find business opportunities and grasp market trends.

Although the exhibition cannot start on time, the promotion of various beauty equipments of Lasy laser  will not stop. The promotion in September will be implemented according to the original plan. All major beauty spa institutions, chain salons, and dermatology clinics are welcome to order online.