Why we must do full treatment session of Laser Hair Removal

August 19, 2022
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Laser hair removal is a great procedure to have done, especially if you hate shaving and waxing like most men and women, but it really isn’t as simple as going in for a treatment and never having hair grow again. In fact, it often takes more than one laser hair removal treatment for complete success.

To understand why more than one treatment is needed, you must first understand how laser hair removal works. A light laser is used to damage or destroy the hair follicle, by zoning in on the pigment of the hair being removed. The damage done to the hair follicle with one treatment is minimal. It usually takes at least two to three treatment sessions to remove hair and delay regrowth.

In addition, you may still need laser hair removal treatments in the future. The hair follicles are only damaged, not completely destroyed in most cases. That means that eventually the follicle will grow new hair. However, the more often you get maintenance treatments, and the more of them that you get, the longer you will be able to go between treatments until eventually hair doesn’t grow back.

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